The Critical Importance of Board-Certified Criticalists at LAASER

Let's explore the critical role of these specialists at LAASER and how they ensure optimal outcomes for our furry friends in times of crisis.


In the dynamic realm of veterinary medicine, specialized care is paramount to address the diverse needs of our cherished animal companions. When facing critical cases demanding urgent interventions, the expertise of a board-certified criticalist is indispensable. Let’s explore the critical role of these specialists at LAASER and how they ensure optimal outcomes for our furry friends in times of crisis.

Expertise and Training:

At LAASER, our board-certified criticalists are veterinarians who have undergone rigorous training beyond the standard veterinary degree. They’ve completed specialized residency programs focused specifically on critical care medicine, followed by extensive examinations to achieve board certification. This specialized training equips them with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to manage complex medical and surgical emergencies in animals.

Comprehensive Critical Care:

Our criticalists are adept at managing a wide array of urgent and life-threatening conditions, including trauma, organ failure, respiratory distress, sepsis, and toxicities. They excel in performing emergency procedures such as CPR, thoracocentesis, and blood transfusions, while utilizing advanced monitoring equipment to assess and stabilize patients in critical condition. Their comprehensive approach to critical care ensures that each patient at LAASER receives timely and tailored interventions.

Collaborative Approach:

At LAASER, our board-certified criticalists foster interdisciplinary collaboration within our veterinary hospital. They work closely with primary care veterinarians, specialists, and support staff to develop comprehensive treatment plans and coordinate care for critically ill patients. By fostering open communication and teamwork, our criticalists help optimize patient outcomes and ensure seamless continuity of care.

Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities:

Our criticalists have access to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to aid in the diagnosis and management of critical cases. This may include advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasound and CT scans, as well as specialized laboratory testing to assess organ function and blood parameters. They are also proficient in administering and monitoring complex medications and therapies, such as mechanical ventilation, hemodialysis, and continuous infusions, to support patients in critical condition.

7 Day A Week Coverage:

At LAASER, we understand the importance of around-the-clock availability in critical care medicine. Our board-certified criticalists are available for consultation and emergency intervention 7 days-a-week, ensuring that patients in critical condition receive prompt and compassionate care. Their unwavering dedication to providing timely and expert care is instrumental in saving lives and alleviating suffering in our animal companions.


The role of a board-certified criticalist at LAASER is fundamental to our mission of providing exceptional veterinary care. Their specialized training, expertise, and commitment to high-quality critical care are essential in managing life-threatening emergencies and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our furry friends. By entrusting the care of critically ill patients to these highly trained professionals, pet owners can have confidence that their beloved companions are in capable hands, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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