Critical Care Medicine

LAASER hospitals are committed to aligning with the standards of the ACVECC Diplomates. ACVECC is the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and provides top-of-the-line standards and training for veterinarians specializing in critical care.

Our doctors are passionate about critical care medicine and ensuring the safety and health of our pet patients. All diplomats of ACVECC have completed state-of-the-art training after finishing their initial veterinarian schooling that allows for intense practice in emergency and critical care.

Veterinary critical care medicine at LAASER is meant to meet the same standards as critical care for humans. Critically ill or injured pets who need round-the-clock care are given doctors and teams who are heavily experienced in working in emergency units. Our staff members provide constant care, treatment, and affection to our pet patients just as any human would receive in an ICU.

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