Emergency Medicine

LAASER provides skilled and thoughtful emergency care 24/7/365 to pets who have undergone serious illness or injury.  Our team of board-certified specialists, emergency room doctors, and highly-skilled veterinary technicians are there for you when you need us most. After your visit, we will provide continued or follow-up care in our ICU, through referral to one of our specialists, or through your primary care veterinarian. 

You know your pet best! We’re always here for you, all-day, every day. LAASER will provide you and your pet with excellent, compassionate care and service. 

Call LAASER immediately at 323-800-VETS (8387) if your pet: 

  • Has been hit by a car or had other trauma
  • Has been poisoned 
  • Is bleeding 
  • Is vomiting excessively 
  • Is having or had a seizure 
  • Is having trouble urinating 
  • Is experiencing excessive diarrhea 
  • Is having difficulty breathing or having collapse/weakness
  • Is having difficulty giving birth 

If your pet is not experiencing a life-threatening emergency (such as above):

Check in on our ER waitlist

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