Dentistry and Oral Surgery

At LAASER, Dr. Cindy Vaca DVM, DAVDC provides Veterinary Dental and Oral Surgery. Our specialized team is dedicated to ensuring the oral health and well-being of your beloved pets.

Our Comprehensive Services:

1. Advanced Diagnostics:
Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as digital radiography and intraoral imaging for precise diagnosis.

2. Oral Surgery:
Expert surgical interventions for conditions including oral tumors, jaw fractures, and corrective surgeries.

3. Orthodontics:
Correction of misalignments and malocclusions to enhance comfort and function.

4. Extractions:
Skillful removal of damaged or diseased teeth with a focus on minimizing discomfort.

Why Choose Our Specialist Services?

Dr. Cindy Vaca DVM, DAVDC
brings a wealth of expertise in veterinary dental and oral surgery, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality care.

State-of-the-Art Facility:
Our practice is equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical technology, providing comprehensive and advanced treatment options.

Patient-Centric Care:
We prioritize the well-being and comfort of your pets, incorporating advanced pain management and anesthesia protocols.

Collaborative Approach:
Our specialist works closely with your primary veterinarian to ensure a seamless and integrated healthcare experience for your pet.

Conditions We Address:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Oral Tumors
  • Malocclusions
  • Jaw Fractures
  • Traumatic Injuries

Schedule a Consultation:

If your pet requires specialized dental or oral surgical care, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cindy Vaca DVM, DAVDC. We are committed to providing personalized and expert care for your pet’s unique needs.

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