Emergency Appointments

LAASER - Los Angeles Animal Specialty Emergency and Rehabilitation

Welcome to the online check-in for LAASER – Los Angeles Animal Specialty Emergency and Rehabilitation.

Please provide your information and we’ll reserve your place in line, allowing you and your pet and family to wait more comfortably at home – or wherever is convenient – until your estimated visit time.

For your convenience, you will receive updates and reminder text messages about your urgent care visit once you’re in the queue.

If you feel your pet has a life-threatening condition such as:

  • Protracted/prolonged vomiting or diarrhea
  • Bleeding
  • Poisoning
  • Trauma/bit or hit by car
  • Having or had a seizure
  • Having trouble breathing or collapsed
  • Straining or having trouble urinating
  • Having difficulty giving birth

Please call our hospital at 323-800-VETS (8387) to speak to a triage technician. If you are unsure if your pet has an urgent condition please call our office to speak to a triage staff member to assist you.

At LAASER, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to treat pet emergencies. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the demand for veterinary services. Given the volume of patients needing care, we ask that you carefully follow our policies. We remain in curbside care where you will not be allowed into the building. Please wear a mask at all times when interacting with our technical staff. Please note your visit time is not an appointment, nor a guaranteed time to be seen. It is a general guideline of when we may be able to assess your pet. We do treat patients in order of medical severity and there is a chance your wait time could increase if a more critical patient arrives.

When you receive a notification for your visit time PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR CAR and call the hospital or TEXT the through the app once you arrive. You will be contacted via phone to conduct your pets visit. A technician will bring your pet into the clinic for evaluation and your consult with the veterinarian will be conducted by phone.

Current expected wait time is:
N/A minutes

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