Emergency Appointment Confirmation

Thank you! Your visit to LAASER – Los Angeles Animal Specialty Emergency and Rehabilitation at 07:43 AM on Sep 7, 2021 has been confirmed. We’ve sent you a confirmation message.

When you arrive at LAASER – Los Angeles Animal Specialty Emergency and Rehabilitation, please bring a valid photo ID and any current medications your pet is taking.

This service is not for use with life threatening, debilitating, or emergent medical conditions. if you feel your pet has a serious life-threatening condition such as: prolonged vomiting/diarrhea, bleeding, being hit by a car or other trauma, poisoning, had or having a seizure, difficulty urinating, trouble breathing or difficulty with giving birth please call our office at 323-800-VETS (8387).

If you feel your pet has a life-threatening condition such as:

  • Protracted/prolonged vomiting or diarrhea
  • Bleeding
  • Poisoning
  • Trauma/bit or hit by car
  • Having or had a seizure
  • Having trouble breathing or collapsed
  • Straining or having trouble urinating
  • Having difficulty giving birth

We are currently seeing pets with via curbside care, so please wait in your car when you arrive for your scheduled visit time. While you are waiting comfortably, please complete the new client registration paperwork found here. Once you receive communication to travel to LAASER (if you are waiting at home or elsewhere), please proceed to LAASER and then text HERE to the system when you arrive to be checked in. Your visit time is not a guaranteed appointment time but a general time frame of when we can see your pet. We do treat pets according to severity of condition, so your wait time may extend if a more critical pet arrives. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, demand for veterinary services is unprecedented so we greatly appreciate your patience as we treat other pets for severe injuries. Please wear a mask when interacting with our staff at all times. For your safety, you will be asked to verify your information at the facility prior to admittance.

If you have any questions, please call us at 323-800-VETS.

Thank you,

LAASER – Los Angeles Animal Specialty Emergency and Rehabilitation

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