Veterinarian’s Referrals

All non-urgent patients being referred for just ultrasounds must have this completed form submitted by the referring veterinarian before they are able to be seen by our Imaging Department.

This form should be completed by a veterinarian.

Referring Veterinarian's Information

Client's Information

The client will automatically receive an email that we have received your ultrasound referral along with detailed instructions.

Patient's Information

What is your pet's species?(Required)

Mandatory Client Awareness

Client must be made aware of every topic prior to being referred to VSC for a non-urgent ultrasound.
1. Client has been informed of $688 ultrasound fee.(Required)
2. This patient will only be imaged by our internal medicine service and the client will not be speaking with the internist unless the ultrasound findings reveal something urgent(Required)
3. This patient needs to be fasted for at least 12 hours prior to the ultrasound UNLESS the patient is diabetic(Required)
4. Client is aware that you, the primary veterinarian, will be responsible for reviewing the ultrasound findings and discussing the next steps.(Required)
Any size files can also be uploaded below.
Records can also be sent separately to
Type NONE if applicable.
Type NONE if applicable.

The Ultrasound Report will be emailed to you after the scan at the email address provided above

Submit Ultrasound Referral information here

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