Dr. Stewart Morgan


Dr. Stewart Morgan

DVM, Ph.D., DACVIM (Nutrition)

Dr. Morgan is originally from the east coast. He was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He went to Haverford College in Pennsylvania for his Bachelors, Stony Brook University for his Ph.D. in Genetics, Cornell University for his D.V.M. and to Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine for his residency training in Comparative Veterinary Nutrition.
Dr. Morgan has both small and large animal experience. He was an Assistant Professor at Western University College of Veterinary Medicine and the former Associate Manager of Scientific Affairs (for the United States) at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
In Dr. Morgan’s spare time he likes to compete with his dogs, Brad and Glenn, who are Brittanys. He also likes spending time with his cat “Wakshlag.”
As a comparative veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Morgan is able to manage cases that respond to nutrition in both small and large animal patients. Examples of these include:
• Achieving ideal body condition in obese and overweight patients• Managing patients of urocystolithiasis (bladder stones)• Managing patients with kidney disease• Managing patients with liver disease• Managing patients with chronic enteropathies (lymphangiectasia, lymphocytic plasmacytic enteritis, etc)• Managing patients with food allergy• Managing patients with orthopedic disease• Formulating home-prepared diets for small animal pets and rations for large animals• Support for hospitalized patients

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