Clinical Nutrition

Why consider a Nutrition referral for your pet?

LAASER’s Nutrition Department is run by Dr. Stewart Morgan Ph.D., DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition), one of the few board-certified verterinary nutritionists in the world! Medical conditions that are managed primarily through diet (nutrition) include kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal disease, feline idiopathic cysitis, and urolithiasis (bladder stones).

Similarly, obese and overweight pets are predisposed to developing intervertebral disc disease (back) and orthopedic disease, such as osteoarthritis/osteoarthrosis.
When a pet is overweight or obese, simply “cutting back” on the maintenance diet
they are currently being fed often leads to deficiencies in essential nutrients, which can hinder their progress to recovery.

Dr. Morgan can provide commercial diet recommendations, home-prepared diet formulations and a weight loss plan, including feeding amounts and monitoring guidelines to ensure your pet is losing weight at an appropriate
rate, while meeting their essential needs.


If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists in the Clinical Nutrition department, please call us at 323-800-VETS (8387) or submit an appointment request from the Pet Parent Portal found here: Parent Portal

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